Route 66, My Natural 2109 Theme Song

This is truly “full circle” stuff and this post is now where it really belongs, here on my musik-ONLY satellite blog after making its debut over on the Mothership.
I took a midnight shower in early June, after penning this post.  Needing to try to breathe in the shitty house I moved into which smells of mildew, mold and who-knows what other toxins which my sensitive, bronchial Asthma lungs detect.  Go fund me outta there, here I come!

You see, At this juncture in life, I cannot take much bullshit. I act outside the “box” pro-actively as a Baby Boomer must, whenever I can!
I am now traveling on Route sixty-six,
Need to give you youngsters
A quick educational ride;

Like it or not.
The song brakes too quickly!

Hop on and maybe knowing I played for you,
Will help me sleep better.
This jam is jazzy!

You can always rewind this tape and escape or revitalize
As we did happily back in the 1960s with this classic TV show.
Yet, I just want you to know about it.

Go to Youtube or the library and check out the DVD,
So you can get into this TV episode;
These two guys didn’t take no s***
That is, if you are reading this and
Too young to already know.
My sixty-six is just the right time
To go young if she is hot and solo.

Tatoos are a flagrant fad these days.
No need back when only sailors did it.
In the days of surly tough times,
Straight talk and problem solving
Raised upon classic nursery rhymes.
Non politically correct;
I might get one before I sink,
All along Route 66.

Just dig the music over and over again;
Keep looping it!
The horny horns;
A flirty la flirty piano,
His groovy guitar.

Today I am its number and claim my theme song;
At long last.
Listen now and forget to remember
Or remember when to forget who you think you are.

“Play it again, Sam”


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