Music Reaffirms Affirmation Always

Dateline: January 30, 2023; Richmond Virginia

It is a very rejuvenating time in contemporary music when our beloved icon, Smokey Robinson (remember “Smokey Robinson & The Miracles”?) and The SOS Band (“Baby You Can Do It Take Your Time” – 1980) both have new music out, probably shocking the Billboard music charts back into the reality of the longevity of musical artists creativity, as long as we have breath! So please listen and enjoy..

Pick Hit Suggestion: If you want to continue to live and physically love longer and healthier, don’t tell people how “old” you are and keep working out at the gym. Never let chronological years suppress your energetic creativity, and keep in shape.

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MLK , Jr. Holiday Weekend

Keep The Dream Alive

This souvenir from my long-defunct college radio station, keeps its legs and educated in January of every year.

I can remember times when, after New Year’s Day, there wasn’t another official Federal Holiday until Abraham Lincoln’s birthday on February 12th and then, George Washington’s Birthday – both of which were morphed into “Presidents’ Day – on February 22nd! January needed a holiday of its own; too bad Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. gave it to us while paying with his life, at age thirty-nine (39} at the hand of a cowardly assassin’s bullet.

Below is a link to some audio from his late wife, Mrs. Coretta Scott King which I’ve had from a 1973 RCA Victor Records vinyl set called “Keep The Dream Alive”…The voice you hear introducing Mrs King, is that of former Atlanta, Georgia Mayor, diplomat and civil rights activist, Andrew Young! (Somehow, WordPress will not let me drop the link into a video like I used to do. SMH) TBC…

“Gratification” – Paul Manchin

Composed by David Bottrill and Paul Manchin, “Gratification” is the latest of Paul’s introspective, soundtrack-style themes. The Toronto-based Manchin, a musician of contrasts, doesn’t give much to review here with this CD, which has two tracks: the vocal and instrumental. It is consistent with his style and when I reached-out to him, I had been under the impression that he was sending me a new album instead of just two cuts of one song!

Alas, in this case, all you hear is all you get. I’m looking forward to receiving Manchin’s next full-length album and videos, hopefully before 2023 is over, Therefore, that is it for this year’s metaphorically, dreamy ride salutation from one, king Paul.  Why do I seem to feel like I take a ride when I review his songs?

Looks like he’s ‘drowning in a sea of love‘!

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