New Revu! Janey Street – “I’m Not The Girl I used To Know”



Janey Street, “I’m Not The Girl I used To Know” [BER 1016  Blue Elan Records]

Envision a young girl with her coloring book, singing and humming original nursery rhymes and songs her mama taught her and you will feel what I feel about listening to Janey Streets’ “I’m Not The Girl I used To Know” advance EP CD. It is a musical coloring storybook.

I took the disc on a road trip recently in order to get out of the negative, big city element, and received a whole new perspective and inspiration from these four songs. The autobiographical title song is the least of the five on this sampler that I like.  Not sure what she and her writers were going for there.  I would have lead with “Tears Taste The Same” which has a Fleetwood Mac-ish introduction from the very first notes. It is upbeat and the lyrics full of vivid analogies.

“Situation” is my favorite because of the social statement it makes that is very relatable to all of modern humanity and the advice therein.  “It’s just a sit-u-ation transformation ain’t nothing new/so when you freak out, its probably nothing and it happens to ev-rey-one…”

“Paradise” is another change of pace and syncopation. I channel a Joni Mitchell spirit was in the studio with Janey on this one!  Last, but certainly not least, is my second fave on this short scrapbook, “Bring It On”.  I heard some notes that conjure Cher to my mind.  “If you think you’re gonna prove me wrong, bring it on…” Confrontation is cool!

All in all, this is a nice teaser for a forthcoming full album that is due for a June 24, 2016 release, that is sure to be a pleaser across several radio formats and for a performer who has worked and prayed for the success she is due.

I can bless this memory book with two-and-a-half stars.  2_and_a_half_stars_copy.jpg

Please ad your impressions of Janey’s music in “comments”.






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