Irenka, “Wait 4 It” Revu

“I don’t Need No Lover (except to hold me through the night from time-to-time)…”

Welcome to thee (you) who have read my first all-inclusive blog, , since November of 2009.  You are now at my new, long-thought-about and sometimes discussed, narrowly-focused offshoot effort in the blogosphere, which will only present via one one of my strengths: writing reviews that comment, curate and critique music, past, present and future!

My first review for this new blog is about an EP I received from a talented LinkedIn connection named, Irenka, entitled, “Wait 4 It”.


I must have met Belgium’s hot foxy female vocalist, Irenka, during my twelve years living in Nashville, Tennessee, right? Or Nyet.  I would have remembered such a creative presence, energy and figure as hers!  The first sound that I hear on track one “Comme Si” is Irenka clearing her throat. I said, “What??” Listened again; however, quickly those sounds turn into her spittin’ like a Euro human beat-box meeting Soft Cell’s 1981 “Tainted Love” – at least in musical key – as she then croons in French, the lingo most speak in Belgium. The last time I listened to this much lyrical love language was on Dimitri From Paris’ 1998 “Sacre` Francaise” or when I reviewed the various artist Playboy Club remix back in 2009. Scare Bleu!

“Dreamland”, track two, is an introspective, somnambulistic ballad where she displays her vocal range for the first time. This and the next selection where she lets her fingers do the singing on track three are perfect for a cloudy day. Irenka is really playing a beautiful classic-style piano solo instrumental! I know because I asked her. Next up and showing an inner versatile similarity to the late Amy Winehouse but with a better voice, or Billy Holiday, she styles on, “I don’t Need No Lover (except to hold me through the night from time-to-time)”  This reminds me of New Orleans blues-jazz in the street especially because of the brass accents. At one point I was unsure whether Irenka would hit the climbing high-note – but she did.  You will know it when you listen.  It is a song that hearkens me back to the days of, “Hubba-hubba!”  Finally, she rocks out with the last track, “A Reason To Hate Me”.

The video, “Comme Si”, takes us on a musical personal journey and is full of familiar scenes from my twelve years living there in Nashville/

Athletic…isn’t she?

Upon learning of the repulsive, pusillanimous Brussels airport attack, act we communicated and her reply, in great musician style was, Luckily all family is safe, but it is nonetheless terrible, and it is our duty, we the artists, to bring peace and love to this crazy world!”

The world is not as crazy as some of these recent lunatics who inhabit it and I might have been at first on the fence in limbo about Irenka, but now that I have listened copiously and seen her video, there is no “reason to hate” on Irenka with three-and-a-half introductory, motivating musical stars. 3-and-one-half-star-rating